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2006 Awards

MEDAL OF MERIT – Officer Michael White

Between August 5 and December 18, 2006, a township family was victimized by a series of residential burglaries and thefts.  On December 20, 2006, Officer White completed working his midnight shift and then volunteered to conduct surveillance on their residence.  At approximately 1026 hours, Officer White observed a vehicle pull into the driveway.  A male subject exited the vehicle and forcibly entered into the home.  Prior to the arrival of backup units, the subject exited the residence and was apprehended by Officer White.  The burglar subsequently admitted to the crimes.

LETTER OF COMMENDATION – Detective Christopher Burke

In September of 2003, Detective Christopher Burke began investigating a robbery at Sherman and Sons Jewelers where more than $55,000 dollars in jewelry was stolen.  Blood evidence from a broken display case was retrieved and submitted to CODIS (Combined DNA Index System).  In May 2006, Detective Burke was notified that the blood evidence was linked to a career criminal.  In July 2006, Sherman and Sons Jewelers was again victimized for a theft of Rolex watches valued in excess of $5,000 dollars.  Detective Burke began investigating this case also and developed a separate suspect.  During the course of investigation, Detective Burke worked in conjunction with Special Agents of the FBI’s Violent Crime/Criminal Enterprise Task Force in order to solve these cases.  It was determined that both suspects were linked to a violent gang known as “The Second Street Mob” which had victimized countless stores across the entire Eastern Seaboard.  As a result of Detective Christopher Burke’s tireless work and contribution, this joint investigation lead to one Federal arrest and three State arrests.

LETTER OF COMMENDATION – Officer James Edwards

In July 2006, Officer James Edwards responded to a Township residence after being dispatched for an elderly male that had fallen.  After providing aid, Officer Edwards observed that both elderly residents were in poor health and unable to care for themselves.  As a result, living conditions in the home were deplorable.  Over a period of several months, Officer Edwards continued to check on the residents as he assisted them in obtaining health aids and residential cleaning services.  The actions and initiative of Officer James Edwards resulted in the elderly couple receiving the proper medical, psychiatric and domestic services they needed, possibly preventing a situation that may have produced tragic results.

LETTER OF COMMENDATION – Dispatcher Jason Slaughter
LETTER OF COMMENDATION – Dispatcher Allison Cavallo

On May 6, 2006 Dispatcher Jason Slaughter and Dispatcher Allison Cavallo were working together in the Communications Bureau.  During the time period between 0021 hours and 0238 hours, the incoming call volume was extremely unusual, with all calls for service being Priority One.  These calls included an Armed Robbery, a Motor Vehicle Crash with double entrapment, and a second Motor Vehicle Crash with multiple injuries, a Structure Fire, a Missing Person and a Stolen Vehicle.  Together, Dispatcher Slaughter and Dispatcher Cavallo handled all calls in an organized and efficient manner, properly dispatching all responding personnel including Police, Fire, Rescue, K-9, and two Medevac Units.  Both Dispatchers remained calm throughout, displaying their professionalism and dedication to duty.


On March 3, 2006, Officer T. Mele and Officer Stasiulaitis responded to Somerville Lumber to a report of CPR being performed on a fifty six year old male. There they assisted in the resuscitation efforts.  As a result of their efforts, the man was subsequently revived and has recovered.

CPR AWARD – Off.  Slepokura
CPR AWARD  – Off. Shimp 
CPR AWARD – Off. Hennessey

On May 12, 2006, Officer Slepokura, Officer Shimp, and Officer Hennessey responded to the Bridgewater Diner on a report of a man choking.  Upon their arrival, the victim was unconscious and had no pulse.  The officers began CPR and initiated defibrillator protocols.  Officer Shimp attempted additional abdominal thrusts when it was determined the man’s airway was still obstructed.  Paramedics arrived and removed the obstruction with a medical instrument. The victim was subsequently able to be resuscitated thanks in part to the quick actions and efforts of Officer Slepokura, Officer Shimp and Officer Hennessey.

MEDAL OF MERIT –  Officer Delaney

In September of 2006, Officer Delaney identified an area along the Raritan River near Robert Street which had become a dumping ground for old appliances, furniture, and numerous other household items.  This area was adjacent to County Parkland and a walking trail and presented a potential hazard for children and animals in the area.  Officer Delaney organized dedicated groups of volunteers who met in November for a clean-up day.  As a result of their efforts, tons of garbage was removed from the area.  He is hereby awarded the Medal of Merit for his initiative and the implementation of this clean-up project.


On April 25, 2006, an individual wanted by Franklin Police Department for an attempted theft and eluding hid in the Martinsville area of Bridgewater for several hours. He was observed by Officer Ochs on Washington Valley Road in Martinsville after committing two burglaries and a theft at two residences there. During one of the burglaries, he confronted a seven year old resident and attempted to gain keys to her mother’s car. Officer Ochs, Officer Krok and Officer Guerra initiated a foot pursuit of the suspect into a wooded area.  Officer Rice and Officer Zeichner joined the pursuit from another direction, and through the excellent coordinated efforts of all the officers involved, the subject was arrested, charged and incarcerated.

LIFESAVING AWARD – Bound Brook Officers Ulmer and Mazeura

On April 19, 2006, a serious on car motor vehicle crash occurred on East Main Street near the Rt. 287 overpass.  The engine compartment of the vehicle erupted into flames.  A passerby unsuccessfully attempted to remove the driver from the vehicle.  Officer Mazeura and Officer Ulmer of the Bound Brook Police Department responded to the scene and were able to pull the driver, who was seriously injured, from the flaming vehicle seconds before the passenger compartment became engulfed in flames. The quick actions and courage of Officer Ulmer and Officer Mazeura saved the driver from further injury or death.

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