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Administrative Division

Captain Maxwell
Administration Division Commander

The Administrative Division comprises 4 units: Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), Youth Services Bureau (YSB), Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) and the Support Services Unit (SSU). There are 3 Sergeants and 2 Lieutenants that supervise 11 Officers and Detectives within these units. The Traffic Safety Bureau investigates serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents, conduct traffic surveys, install child safety seats, oversee the Townships crossing guards. The primary role of the Youth Service Bureau is School Resource Officer. They maintain security, interact with administrators, and conduct criminal investigations involving juveniles. Criminal Investigation Bureau Detectives perform a wide variety of duties, to include conducting criminal investigations, background investigations on potential Police Officers/Dispatchers and crime scene processing. Each Detective also has collateral duties, such as Counter-Terrorism, Megan’s Law, Bias Crimes, and Alcohol Beverage Control. The Support Services Bureau is responsible for maintaining our Policies and Procedures, managing communications, IT staff and provides budgetary analysis to the Captains and Chief of Police.

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