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ID Theft & Computer Crimes Awareness

The Bridgewater Police Department has provided a sample “Courtesy Notice” to supply to a bank or credit card company if someone other then yourself has opened an account in your name.

Click here to download:  SAMPLE COURTESY NOTICE

For more information the Bridgewater Police Department has created an Identity Theft Quick Reference Guide.

Protect yourself and help keep the web a safer place for everyone.
Read up on some tips from the Department of Homeland Security.


Internet Crimes

Internet Crime Complaint Center

FBI Cyber Crimes

U.S. Postal Inspectors

Credit Bureaus:

Equifax PO Box 74021 Atlanta, GA  30374-0241  1-800-685-1111
TO REPORT FRAUD # 1-800-525-6285

Experian PO Box 949 Allen, TX  75013-0949   1-888-397-3742

Trans Union PO Box 390  Springfield, PA  19064  1-800-916-8800
TO REPORT FRAUD # 1-800-680-7289

 If you have any checks stolen or bank accounts opened fraudulently, report it to the following companies:

National Check Fraud Service 1-843-571-2143

SCAN  1-800-262-7771

TeleCheck 1-800-710-9898 or 1-800-927-0188

CheckRite  1-800-766-2748

CrossCheck 1-707-586-0551

Equifax Check Systems 1-800-526-5380

International Check Service 1-800-269-0271

Other Important Contacts:

Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline: 1-800-269-0271

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